Pierre Gervois, Producer and Host of “The Face of America” interview series. (Photography: Cécile Vaccaro, New York City, 2017)

Pierre Gervois, Producer and Host of “The Face of America” interview series. (Photography: Cécile Vaccaro, New York City, 2017)




Since 2005, I have worked as a media entrepreneur. I have managed international teams of marketers, editors, bloggers, photographers and community managers to build successful communications campaigns in more than twenty countries for a variety of clients, private and governmental organizations.

I have met outstanding individuals in the luxury goods and luxury travel industry, incredibly skilled artisans who are making beautiful objects with their hands and heart, innovative entrepreneurs who are breaking the rules and reinventing luxury, and countless hotel executives who warmly welcome their guests in the new generation of boutique hotels.

I published several luxury lifestyle and travel magazines in Shanghai and New York City and featured more than five hundred luxury lifestyle stories, working with very talented journalists.

I have lived in New York City since 2013, and now consider it my true hometown. NYC is by far my favorite city in the World, for one reason: the entire world meets here, in this city created and run by immigrants, bringing their ideas, cultures, languages and foods in this happy melting pot.

I have seen wealthy individuals buying very expensive jewelry, watches, apartments, as a result of the marketing campaigns I had created and it’s a good thing: that means more jobs in the jewelry, watchmaking, retail, and real estate, and potentially more money for philanthropic causes.

I have also seen hard working Americans with not enough money to feed their families, dads and moms without a job having a hard time to come back home and face their children, individuals discriminated for their race, gender or sexual orientation, and courageous immigrants struggling to fully embrace the American dream. 

I know we are, as business professionals and entrepreneurs, supposed to remove our emotions out of the equation and always think in terms of return on investment, business credibility, and project an emotionless and politically correct image of ourselves. This is specially true in the luxury industry where talking about social issues, hunger, poverty or racial discrimination is largely taboo.

I cannot change the World alone, and there are in New York City hundreds of very talented and very experienced philanthropists, activists, social entrepreneurs and dedicated elected officials.

As a privileged media entrepreneur fully conscious of my privilege, I decided that the best course of action for me, although modest and certainly limited in scope, was to help to create awareness about issues that really matter to me.

In October 2017, our production company launched an indie, experimental YouTube channel based out of our Brooklyn studio. The first program we created was named “The Face of America” and our very first guest was my friend Tyron M. Cutner, Founder & CEO of the Well Dressed Academy.

Since then, I had the pleasure to interview outstanding individuals who came to our recording studio to tell their own stories and share with us how they were working to make America a better place, one small step at a time.

We have explored multiple aspects of American society: social discriminations, immigration, LGBTQ+ issues, 2nd amendment, poverty, religious issues, women’s empowerment and philanthropy.

This interview series has changed me profoundly.

I want to thank all the wonderful guests I have interviewed. They opened their heart, trusted me, and frequently went well beyond the context of a formal ten minutes interview. I felt sometimes I was not supposed to witness the incredibly intimate stories they were sharing with me, drifting away from the main topic of the interview.

Today, due to the success of this interview series, it becomes a project on its own. “The Face of America” is now a nonprofit media venture.

Thank you for watching and sharing with your family, colleagues and friends these inspiring stories.